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IQ3. Refill ink cartidge or orginal ink Cartidge? PDF 列印 E-mail
作者是 Administrator   
週五, 05 六月 2009 17:30

Ans IQ3: Everyone knows the original ink cartidge has better quality comparing to refil ink. Due to cheaper price, someone will consider to buy refill ink cartidge to save the running cost. So the user should  balance the price and the quality.

Our suggestion is that if you will use up a ink cartidge with one month and there is no need to strictly control in the color accuracy, you should consider to use refill ink. It is because the price of refill almost half price of the original link. Besides, the refill ink will not dry up and clogged the print nozzle if the printer you are frequently using. Otherwise, don't buy refill ink because the saving in ink may be less than repairing the printer.


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